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Chef Michael Lugo at Urban Asado

Chef Michael Lugo

Owner/ Executive Chef: Michael’s Tasting Room

Leading the culinary team at Michael’s Tasting Room is Chef Michael Lugo. Originally from Puerto Rico, Michael is a self-taught Chef, who cultivated his skills starting at a young age from his family. Especially his grandma which inspired his passion for food. Chef Michael worked in many restaurants from Dallas to St. Augustine, learning all aspects of the restaurant industry before embarking on his own path.

Chef Michael believes in sourcing local and sustainable ingredients. Locally grown produce, seafood, and meats play a major role in his menu development. He also believes seeking artisans from around the world, who share his values, and offer products unique to their seasons and historical authenticity.
In addition, he leads his team with a philosophy of involvement in charitable efforts by contributing his time and talent to various causes such as The Spanish Wine Festival, a nonprofit devoted to assisting local charities. By participating in fundraising events like The Spanish Wine Festival, Michael helps give back to the community in which he's found creative satisfaction.

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