Here are a few tips to help make your asado a more enjoyable experience for you & your guests:

Use wood:

Besides the incredible flavor, there is nothing quite like a wood fire. See Grilling With Wood for more info. For times when using wood is not practical, Lump Charcoal is the next best alternative.


Hardwoods only:

Oak, Hickory, Cherry or Pecan (my favorite) provide amazing flavor. Avoid using soft woods like spruce & pine as they can ruin the taste of your food. Grilling With Wood.

Avoid Chemicals:

Paraffin wax fire starters, rolled up newspaper, pine cones, or other natural methods are the way to go.


Grill over Hot embers:

Hot embers provide a more consistent heat. Open flames can burn the outside of your food while leaving the inside uncooked. Brasero (Fire Basket).


Don't forget your veggies:

We all know that the meat is the main attraction. However, vegetables reach new levels of flavor when grilled. Check out our Recipes page for ideas and inspiration.


Resist  the urge:

There is something therapeutic about fidgeting with food on a grill. Resist!

Once you've placed your meats on the grill leave them untouched for a few minutes before rotating either 45° or 90°. This will ensure your food is cooked evenly while creating the eye-popping hashmarks we all love.


No poking around:

The last thing you should want to do is poke a hole into a juicy steak to check if its ready. It will no longer be as juicy a steak. There are a few good methods to help you judge the level of doneness. I prefer the "finger test" method. Here is a great article with pictures to show you how: Finger Test Method


Keep it Social:

Although this may seem absurd to say, your friends and family gathered for more than just an amazing meal. Asado is just as much about the experience. Allow others to help out when possible and...