About Chef Marcel Vizcarra


Owner, Executive Chef: Llama 

Vizcarra realized his passion for the culinary world as a boy growing up in Peru. At 16 years old, he promised himself that he would open a restaurant at the age of 27. “I learned to take my first steps in cooking from my mother. Later, I trained with some very big name chefs in Peru. My official culinary training came from Cordon Bleu Culinary School in Lima,” Vizcarra explains of his brilliantly lit career path. After moving to the United States at 22 years old, and working in other people’s kitchens for five years, in 2016 Marcel was able to purchase Fratelli’s Italian Restaurant and transform it into his own Peruvian oasis. Vizcarra officially opened Llama on September 24, 2016, at the fresh age of (you guessed it), 27! He made good on that promise to his adolescent self and now the Ancient City is reaping the benefits of Vizcarra’s passion, drive, and vision.

Credit: The St. Augustine Social

Llama Restaurant