What makes an urban asado argentine-style bbq grill different from ordinary grills?

A Brasero to provide a continuous source of glowing hot embers to cook with as long as you need; (Check out our Grilling with Wood page for more info.)

Wood fire grilling

A crank handle that raises and lowers the cooking surface to reach the desired temperature;



A cooking surface constructed of angled V-grates that collect and channel meat juices to the drip pan instead of the fire to reduce flare-ups.


A drip pan to add your favorite spices & cooking oils to blend with the meat juices to create a delicious baste;

Your senses being mesmerized by the dancing flames, crackling coals, and intoxicating aromas exclusive to a wood fire. All of this before you take your first bite.

Asado Grilling

We take great pride in creating a grill that you will love to look at almost as much as you will love using. Your new grill will go through a multi-stage finish process to remove burn marks from the welding process in addition to establishing a showroom finish.