TM Custom Argentine Grill

TM Custom Argentine Grill


Stainless steel, free standing, Argentine grill with brasero designed to fit existing fire box. 

Total grill budget = $4400 + shipping

Design renderings will be submitted for customer approval.

*Custom Argentine grill with Brasero.

Fire box dimensions as provided by customer:

58.5"W x 26"D x 21.5"H 

  • Grill frame upright to be positioned at 16.5" from rear to be centered between existing rotisserie brackets. 
  • Crank handle to pass through rotisserie top mounting plate (customer installation)
  • Grill frame to be freestanding inside of fire box
  • Brasero to be 34"W x 8"D x 8"H free standing on 4" legs
  • 2 Drip pans
  • 1 Chapa Plate (flat griddle)
  • Approximately 990 sq. inch grilling surface

*Shipping not included



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