The Original Real Deal Brazil Tarp Hat

The Original Real Deal Brazil Tarp Hat


There's something very familiar about it, and something that's really not. Our original Real Deal Brazil recycled-tarp hat is sort of like a fedora, sort of like an Aussie Outback hat -- except after a full day spent atop Indiana Jones as he's being beaten and dragged to within an inch of his life. 


From color shifts to wild and jagged stitching, ragged patches, stains, frays, punctures and even occasional ink marks, every uncommon characteristic of our Original RDB hat hints at the story of its prior life as a lonely truck tarp, and its rough journeys through harsh elements in the starkly shifting climates of Brazil. It's such a cool history for a hat to have that we actually print a short version of it inside each crown! 


Our original Real Deal recycled-tarp hat is handcrafted in a remote town in equatorial Brazil, where recycling actually informs nearly every aspect of production, from the salvaged tarp scraps being applied as patches on other hats right down to the heavy wire hidden within each brim. That thin band of steel, reclaimed from trash-bound old truck tires, adds yet another element of uniqueness, allowing you to shape your own RDB pretty much any way you please! 


That striking individuality helps explain how our original Real Deal Brazil recycled-tarp hat wound up as a key costuming prop in two major motion pictures, Zombieland and The Losers. (If you ever hear folks calling us "that zombie-killing hat," Zombieland is why!) 


Authentic, rugged and effortlessly cool -- find another head-topper that can top that! 


Comes in five sizes. 


NOTE 1: The Real Deal Brazil recycled-tarp hat does NOT float! Once it hits the water, that heavy cotton canvas typically sinks like a stone. So please, please, please take precautions, should you be out on a boat or dock, or in a strong wind. Our own inexpensive Hat Hitch Wind Strap is a quick, easy solution, or else fashion something for yourself (shoelaces, paracord, etc.). Just make sure you do SOMETHING to secure your hat to your head when wind and/or water are present! 


NOTE 2: We regret that we are unable to take special orders on our recycled-tarp products, including our hats! The very qualities that make our brand so unique also work against our successfully meeting individualized requests. 


Individual hat attributes like tarp color and stitching style vary, sometimes wildly, not only from order to order that we receive from Brazil, but also often within the very same order, and sometimes within the very same box! Thus we can never say with any certainty what hat attributes will be in stock at any given time -- and that's even before you throw our different sizes into the mix! 


So as with all the handmade items we carry, there's a degree of chance in ordering from us, though not with the quality of the product itself; we stand behind everything we sell. The one attribute we CAN consistently promise with our atypical Real Deal Brazil line is that your own RDB will ultimately be unlike any other!

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