C.D. Boulder Fireplace Grill

C.D. Boulder Fireplace Grill


Price shown reflects applied deposit of $591.25 (05/07/19)

Urban Asado Fireplace grill systems are constructed of 304 Stainless steel and include the following:

  • Urban Asado® Signature wrap-around grill design

  • Argentine-style V-grate grilling surface

  • Drip pan(s)

  • 3 - Chapas (flat griddle plates)

    • 1 - Center section

    • 2 - Side sections

  • Guide rails

  • Crank rod

  • Stainless steel handwheel

  • Brasero with 7” legs for log lighter clearance

  • Asado tool kit

    • 1 - Stainless steel ember rake

    • 1 - Grill brush with stainless steel bristles

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We can also build to suit existing outdoor fireplaces and ovens.