Cheese Paddle Butcher Block Cutting Board

Cheese Paddle Butcher Block Cutting Board


These artisan cheese paddles are made of American hardwoods. They look equally handsome hanging on a wall in the kitchen or on the table presenting an array of meats and cheeses, or even a sheet cake. Their size is 20"L with the handle x 12" W x about 0.75" thick. There's a rawhide leather tie on the handle. The edges of the board are rounded 1/4".

Handcrafted in Tennessee, each board we make is unique. Our cutting boards are butcher block, which means they are made of strips of wood glued together and will not warp over time. We designed our boards with specific uses in mind, but they can all be used on both sides for most kitchen tasks. 

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Hand wash, dry immediately. Don't submerge in water or put in dishwasher. Don't use for cutting raw meat. Use cutting board butter occasionally to keep the wood conditioned.